On the 6th of December 2010 our company has obtained a license from State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health, which grants the right for the public health impact assessment activities.

We have carried out the public health impact screening of these projects:

YEAR 2012

  • Reconstruction of 5 boiler houses in Kaunas and Kaunas district.

YEAR 2011

  • Development of fish processing plant in Kaniukai, Sakiai district;
  • Reconstruction of the state road no. 141 Šilutė – Klaipėda 222.52 – 228.92 km section;
  • Reconstruction of the state road no. A14 Vilnius – Utena 16.0 – 21.5 km section;
  • Construction of the railway track no. 1: railway extension to the quays no.131 and no. 132 with railway by-pass no. 3, Minijos St. 180, Klaipėda.

We have carried out the assessment of impact on public health of these projects:

YEAR 2012

  • Development of dairy farm in Morku-Margava, Sakiai district;
  • Development of the international Kaunas Airport.

YEAR 2011

  • Reconstruction of railway section Gimbogala – Linkaičiai;
  • Reconstruction of railway section Gaižiūnai – Palemonas;
  • Reconstruction of railway section Žeimiai – Lukšiai;
  • Project Rail Baltica: Reconstruction of railway section Marijampolė – Kazlų Rūda – Kaunas by installation of 1435 mm wide railway track;
  • Construction of the second railway track on the sections Gaižiūnai-Jonava and Šilainiai-Kėdainiai;
  • Modernization of the fish processing facility in Žeimys, Šakiai district.

YEAR 2010

  • Construction of the wind generator in Lepoldava, Šakiai district;
  • Construction of the wind generator in Mišiurkė, Šakiai district;
  • Correction of the boundaries of Verduliai quarry;
  • Construction of the wind generator in Galiušiai, municipality of Babtai, Kaunas district;
  • Construction of two wind generators in Pervazninkai, municipality of Saudargas, Šakiai district;
  • Reconstruction of railway section from Mažeikiai to the State Border.

YEAR 2005-2009

  • Construction of transport, cyclist and pedestrian bridge over the River Nemunas in Druskininkai;
  • Construction of an indoor ski resort in Druskininkai.